5 most popular cordless strimmers

5 Most Popular Cordless Strimmers

Below you’ll find my List of the 5 most popular cordless strimmers that have been sold in reasonable numbers and have also been left some decent reviews by the users.

I have added a comparison table at the bottom of the page where you can compare all 5 strimmers in one location.

This will allow anyone who has decided that the battery type of strimmer is the type that would suit them best, to see at a glance the various features of each model. Prices, battery type and the voltage of each of these 5 models can also be quickly scanned to save time going from page to page to view their various specs.

 The 5 Cordless StrimmersThat Made The Short List

As stated above the 5 popular cordless strimmers that made it to this list have what we could term a bit of a track record. I’m a great believer in using the knowledge to hand before making my purchases.

That means plodding through reviews left by others who have had the experience of using these products. Another criterion is having enough reviews of each item that would give a fair evaluation.

There are no brand new untried models featured in my list, which is not to say that these are only outdated strimmers. I have also given some variations in the list, i.e. manufacturers, price variation and battery power as well as battery type.

1)    Bosch ART 23 14.4 Volt NiCad Cordless Strimmer Easytrim Accu

bosch art 23 cordless strimmer

Bosch Art 23 cordless strimmer

The Bosch ART 23 cordless strimmer uses a 14.4 NicCad battery for power. This version uses the retractable blades strimming system rather than the string line feed for cutting.

It has a two handled grip and light to use, weighing only Lightweight at only 2 kg. The cutting swath is 23 cm and comes with a 2 year guarantee for parts and labour.

The kit comes complete with:
Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Accu Cordless Strimmer
14.4V/1.5Ah NicCad battery
Pack of 12 plastic cutter blades
Instructions manual
Model AL 1404 quick charger

2)    18 volt Ni-Cad Electric Cordless Battery Strimmer by New Trueshopping®

new trueshopping cordless strimmer

New Trueshopping cordless strimmer

This Trueshopping model features a Cordless battery strimmer that uses an 18 volt NiCad battery. The cutting swath is 23 cm and uses strimming line for cutting.

Height is adjustable to suit users of various heights and weighs only 3 kg.

In the Box
New Trueshopping cordless strimmer
18 volt NiCad battery
Battery charger
Spool line

3)    GLC3630L20-GB 36V Li-Ion Cordless Strimmer  by Black & Decker

black and decker glc3630l cordless strimmer

Black and Decker glc3630l cordless strimmer

The Black & Decker GLC3630L20-GB uses a 36 volt Li-Ion battery for its power source.

Perhaps it’s not surprising then to find that this model is the most expensive in our list of popular cordless strimmers.

You have the choice of two power selections which are Turbo for heavier cutting and Eco for less heavier cutting procedures.

Strimming is done with a single strimmer line which has an automatic linefeed feature.

The gearing of the GLC3630L20-GB has a higher torque with this B & Ds E drive technology.

The GLC3630L20-GB is a two handled  model that also adjusts at the shaft to suit different users heights.

To strim the grass edging the head of the strimmer can be rotated to make this task that much easier.

What You Get
GLC3630L20 36v Cordless Strimmer
36 volt battery
Fast battery charger – 36volt

4)    18V Ni-Cad Gear Drive Battery Cordless Strimmer GLC1825N Black & Decker Trim and Edge

black and decker glc1825n cordless strimmer

Black and Decker glc1825n cordless strimmer

The Black & Decker GLC1825N Cordless Strimmer  is powered by  a Ni-Cad battery which is denoted in this version with the letter N in the model number. They also have a Li-ion model that uses the letter L in the model identification for that model. (SEE BELOW)

This model also uses the E-Drive technology for improved gearing and gives a 25 cm swath.

The shaft is again telescopic for height adjustment and the head turns when using the strimmer when edging the lawn.

Weighs just 3.7 Kg for easy use and strimming line for cutting.

In the Box You Get
GLC1825N Strimmer
Instruction manual
Battery charger

5)       Black & Decker GLC1825L 18V Li-Ion Battery Strimmer Cordless Trim and Edge

black and decker glc1825l cordless strimmer

Black and Decker glc1825l cordless strimmer

This Black & Decker GLC1825L is powered by 18V Li-ion battery denoted by the letter L in the model number.

Similar to the two previous B & D models this one also uses E-Drive technology gearing, telescopic shaft for height adjustment and rotating head for edge trimming.

You Get
The GLC1825L cordless Strimmer
18V Li-ion battery
Battery charger
Instruction manual

If you need to learn more about cordless strimmers you can read my pro’s and cons at the link above.

If you think that the battery version might not be what you need and would require something a bit more tougher, read more about petrol strimmers or the mains electric strimmers.

Compare These Popular Cordless Strimmers

Having all the various relevant details sitting side by side in one table is without doubt the most effective method of comparing one item against another.

The comparison table below will do that for you and help you reach a decision much more easily than flicking back and forth from page to page, or taking notes.

You’ll find in most cases 2 prices, being the normal price and a discounted price. These can change from time to time as the seller sees fit.

Click on the ratings or the reviews links below to get more in depth information on any of these popular cordless strimmers. Hopefully you will find the right one that suits your particular needs.

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