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I know that petrol driven garden tools are not everyone’s favourite. Although for me, when tough jobs require to be tackled they are in a league of their own. Just recently when asked by a friend what was the best petrol strimmer available these days I started to do a bit of browsing around.

Of course I could have told him about my trusty old Kawasaki which I have had for ages. On the other hand I knew they would be too expensive and a bit of overkill for his needs.

What I did find was quite a surprise. Kawasaki’s are expensive and I always expect to see them selling at high prices but the strimmer I found for him was exactly the opposite.

What I found is a heavy duty strimmer (The Timberpro brush cutter) with some great plus points which I have listed below.

  1. It has a good sized engine.
  2. Bull bar handles.
  3. Selection of cutter fittings.
  4. An excellent warranty
  5. Most of all the price was right.

If you need a reasonably priced trimming tool that will do a bit more than the normal garden lawn edging every couple of weeks or so, read the rest of this post. Or see the Timberpro 52cc here.

From time to time I have noticed that the TIMBERPRO 52cc heavy duty Split strimmer has become unavailable. Such a pity as it does tick many of the boxes for anyone looking for a reasonably priced petrol powered trimmer.

To help fill this void I have researched for something similar in quality to the TIMBERPRO 52cc. The model I have come up with is the AOSIKA Professional 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter/Strimmer as the next best petrol strimmer.

Comes with a 12 month warranty, harness, other fittings and what they term as a superior Istar plug. Sorry I can’t elaborate further about this plug but can only image that it improves the running of the engine. Or possibly assist in starting the engine.

Worth taking a look at as the price is really good at the moment of writing. Especially if you don’t want to wait for the TIMBERPRO 52cc becoming available again.

Check here first to see if the Timberpro is available, if not available then click on image below for more details about the AOSIKA.


Who Needs a Heavy Duty Strimmer

  • Anyone who has burned out a cheap electric trimmer and anyone who is tired of re-charging the batteries on their cordless version for starters.
  • For those who have areas of ground that have become overgrown.
  • Busy people who keep putting of grass cutting until it gets out of hand and a lawn mower will simply not look at it.

Those are just a few reasons that come to mind.

Nothing wrong with these cheap electric models providing you don’t let the garden get out of hand. They will work away fine if not put under a heavy load. Same thing goes for battery powered trimmers, they are great for allowing you to roam anywhere in the garden as long as it’s not heavy work.

Not everyone has the same sized garden or even the same type. For example, if everywhere has been hard-landscaped you won’t need any lawn care tools at all. But anyone with a decent sized garden with areas that a lawnmower couldn’t cope with, a petrol grass trimmer is the tool they need.

Below I have set out reasons why I have come to the conclusion that this is the best petrol strimmer especially for such a small price.

Features of the Timberpro Brush Cutter

Starting with the engine, the Timberpro has a powerful 52cc engine which provides plenty of power for all garden situations and even for many professional tasks. In fact this tool would be ideal for many of the commercial garden maintenance companies out there.

As mentioned earlier it’s not everyone who would like to operate a petrol garden equipment. Some people just don’t like the idea of having to mess about with fuel and the mixing of it with oil which is involved with these two stroke engines. Some see them as heavy unwieldy cumbersome machines. Others believe that they are too expensive.

It might be just usage, but both of the first two situations have never bothered me personally. Handling and mixing the petrol is minimal and when you support the weight of the trimmer by using a good harness it is not so uncomfortable.

It’s balanced rather than carried so I wouldn’t let that put me off if thinking about having one. Petrol driven strimmer’s have come down a lot in price over recent years as the price above reflects.

In any case the Timberpro engine isn’t as big as many other engines, certainly with 52cc of power. The specs tell us that it weighs 5.9 kg, that’s without any accessories attached. An accessory would mean one of the blades I suppose making it weigh around 6kg.

Easy to Use with Bull Horn Handles

The upside of having a strimmer fitted with bullhorn handles is the ease of use they provide. Sweeping back and forward with a rhythmic swing becomes natural after a short spell. Where the harness attaches to the shaft of the tool is generally set to give the optimum balance.

image of split shaft on petrol strimmerThe downside is that storing and transporting them can present problems. Personally I have often wished that the handles could swivel 90 degrees to make them at least run parallel with the trimmer shaft. Although not perfect this would at least save on storage space or be transported easier.

You can imagine my thoughts when I read about the Timberpro grass trimmer having a shaft that you can split in two to alleviate these storage and transporting problems. Somebody has at last thought about the end user of their product, perhaps through using it and realising what its shortcoming were. See image below. See image below.

How to Start a Petrol Strimmer

If you find that your petrol strimmer won’t start after several pulls on the cord, stop, sit back, have a break and go over the starting procedure in your mind.

This will let the carburettor dry out some, as it may well be flooded after so many pulls on the cord.

The problem could be as simple as not even having turned on the fuel lever or set the electrics to the on position. It’s often the simple missed procedure where the problem lies.

So let’s go through the proper procedure of how to start these models.
You will find with petrol trimmers fitted with bull horn handles that the controls are on the right hand grip.


  •  Switch the fuel to the ON position, set the choke to the required setting and depress the primer bulb a few times if there is one fitted.
  • Slide the main electrics switch to ON. Then depress and lock in the throttle lever in the run position using the button or lever, depending on your model.
  • Pull on the starter cord a few times until the engine starts. This shouldn’t take to many pulls with a well maintained machine.
  • With the engine idling hook the strimmer to the harness which you should already be wearing. Increase the power using the throttle lever. Again at the handle to stop, slide the main electrics switch to OFF.

bull horn handlesI notice that the bull horn handles have been redesigned to a more ergonomic shape and I must say that it must make a huge difference for the user.

They have a diagram showing the old style and I can see the user suffering some back pain with the very tight working position.

They have a diagram showing the old style and I can see the user suffering some back pain with the very tight working position. The broader bars allows you to stretch your arms out wider which will be far more comfortable.

Even the switch panel has had alterations done to improve the usability of the controls and provides user comfort. To see other types of petrol strimmers go here.

Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Tools

Tools included with this machine are 3 brush cutter blades in different designs for tackling jobs with various degrees of difficulty. They range from blades with 8 teeth, almost like a saw, one with 4 teeth and a 3 toothed version.

You have the option to use the more conventional dual line trimming head fitting which has been loaded with 2.4 mm heavy duty strimmer wire ready to use. Those new to using and loading these heads should take a good look at how they are loaded. Nothing too complicated but they are dual line feeds which simply means that there are two wires coming out at opposite ends of the head.

Once you are familiar with how these are loaded they should not pose any problems in the future. (I have added a video below this section which explains how to load the line).

When the line in the strimmer head starts to wear to short there is a bump feed feature that lets out enough line to keep working away.

Tapping the trimmer head on the ground compresses a spring which allows another short length of line to become available.

A little tip here. If you find that the line doesn’t feed through properly, try giving the throttle a little jab prior to bumping the line head. If you’re not sure what strimmer line to use when you need to replace it read more about the various types at the link above?

A harness is also supplied which you can adjust to suit. Generally when these harnesses are set to fit your body shape they don’t need to be re-adjusted again very often. Although if the weather was a bit chilly and you were wearing a body warmer, you might have to loosen the straps a bit.

Other tools include a jug for measuring the fuel and oil mix. This correct mix is 40 parts petrol to 1 part oil. To assemble the equipment a toolkit is supplied and a manual written in English. Plus one of the best petrol strimmer warranties that I have come across. 2 years warranty for any petrol driven tool with this low price tag at the time of writing is a bit of a bargain. Check out the price at Amazon today at the link above.

Now I know the reaction on my friend once I let him know my findings. He has quite a large garden and he also does a lot of odd jobs including garden work. The price of the Timberpro 52cc brush cutter will certainly suit him as will the performance of the tool.

Video Shows How to Reload a New Strimmer Line to the Head

Details of Best Petrol Strimmer


Length: 73 inches – 185cm


  • Dual line head loaded with 2.4 mm heavy duty strimmer line.
  • 3 brush cutter blades, 8 tooth, 4 tooth and 3 tooth.
  • Adjustable harness.
  • Reinforced protective blade guard.
  • Measuring jug used to mix fuel.
  • Toolkit to assemble unit.
  • Manual in English


Powerful 52cc engine.

Good selection pf trimming tools.

Harness provided.

Very affordable price for a petrol model.

Light for a bigger machine.

Easy to start.

Good performance even on tough weeds


Some people found it difficult to renew strimmer line onto the spool.

No instructions how to replace new cutting line.

Instruction manual could be set out better.

Consumer Ratings

There are 103 reviews left from users of the Timberpro 52cc brush cutter and their ratings work out at 4.2 from 5 stars which is a good rating.


Sale price at the time of writing is very attractive with a saving of 40%. Check the price today.


If you need something that will clear rough ground of long grass, weeds, nettles and even overgrown brambles then a petrol strimmer is the tool you require. Don’t waste your money buying an electric model as all you will succeed in doing is burn the motor out as well as waste a ton of strimming line.

Those tools were never designed to tackle these kind of jobs. If you thought that these petrol driven tools would be to expensive then think again. The Timberpro fitted with a powerful 52cc engine is the best petrol strimmer I have come across for some time now and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I recommend that you take a look through some of the user reviews for yourself to get a fair reflection of those user’s experiences when working with the trimmer. Click Here to See More Choices

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