Bosch electric lawn mowersI suppose we should be thanking the Bosch Company for providing such a wide range of lawn mowers. After all we don’t all have the same requirements when it comes to keeping our lawns neat and tidy. The only problem we have with such a large selection is which one to choose. Hence the compiling of this Bosch electric lawn mowers review.

The review breaks down the various benefits and matches them to your specific lawn care needs. At the bottom of this page you will also find a comparison chart with my 3 chosen models listed side by side. This will allow you to quickly compare the features of each model alongside their prices etc.

Apart from the rotary versions which we cover in detail below, Bosch have provided us with many types of mowers. These include a cylinder mower, cordless mowers using Lithium-ion batteries and even a robotic lawnmower. We will look at these other options in another post.

3 Bosch Electric Lawn Mowers Reviewed

The 3 lawn mowers being reviewed are the; Bosch Rotak 32R, Bosch Rotak 34R and the Bosch Rotak 40.

All 3 have some features in common which are:

  • Corded models powered from the mains.
  • They have grass combs fitted which allows for cutting up close to the edges of borders.
  •  Lightweight Mowers
  •  Rollers at the rear provide striped effect
  •  Good sized grass box
  • Rotary blades used for cutting

Firstly we’ll take a look at each of these features and discover what benefits they may provide.

Corded Models Powered from the Mains

Today many people are considering other methods to power their gardening power tools. The Lithium-Ion battery is one such power source.

Certainly the new Lit-Ion battery is a big improvement on its predecessor. They can be more convenient although they do have their limitations.

Mains powered electric mowers are the ideal choice for anyone who needs a tool that will cut grass for a longer period. Much like the petrol models will, but without the associated refuelling and smells involved.

Petrol models do come into their own with the larger gardens and indeed preferred by professional gardeners due to their versatility.

The Bosch electric lawn mowers are a good choice for those gardeners who want to give the lawn a quick run over. Providing the lawns are within reach of a power point or extension leads are to hand that is.

Benefits of Grass Combs

bosch mower grass combsIf you have lots of flower beds intermixed in your lawns or herbaceous borders you should find the grass comb fitted to the Bosch rotary lawn mower beneficial. If you lead a busy lifestyle and keeping the garden in order is more of a chore than a pleasure you’ll find the feature even more beneficial.

The closer you can get into trim the edges of the lawn the less work you will have using edging shears or strimmer. And the less of this edging work you have to do, the less stooping to pick up loose cuttings will be required. Unless you use a blower to tidy up after.

The design that allows the facilitation of the grass combs is clever though simple. Having the front wheels on a shorter spindle brings them closer together allowing the cutting deck to reach the edges better.

Lightweight Mowers

Certainly a big deal for those who might have to carry a lawnmower from the storage area to the lawn is the weight. The 3 candidates listed fall into some of the lightest versions available.

The weights range from 6.8 kg for the Bosch Rotak 32R to 15 kg for the more powerful Bosch Rotak 40.

Rollers at the Rear Provide Striped Effect

lawn with a striped finishApart from making the finished lawn looking manicured, the rear roller has other benefits compared to the conventional rear wheeled models.

Perhaps you have experienced it for yourself when mowing up close to the grass edging. If a rear wheel goes over the lawn edge and dips into a flower bed, this can damage the lawn edges.

Close to being bald of grass is often the result making the grass finish look terrible. Scalping is the term used for this condition and these rear roller mowers do well in preventing this situation arising. More info about mowers with rollers here.

Good sized grass box

Having a decent sized grass box can make the difference in making just the one journey to the composting heap with cutting rather than many trips.

Even the smallest model in our review holds up to 31 Litres of cuttings. Even the smallest model in our review holds up to 31 Litres of cuttings. If preferred you can remove grass box from the mower to allow grass clipping to be left to rot down on the lawn.

There are those who believe this to be beneficial to the grass. If you do choose this method only do it when the grass is short. Leaving long clipping on the lawn would cause a build-up of thatch apart from looking unsightly.

Mowers With Rotary Blades

All 3 of the Bosch electric lawn mowers featured are rotary lawn mowers rather than the cylinder type. Probably the most common type of cutting system today although the cylinder version still has its place.

In the right situation that is. To learn which lawn mower would suit each situation best read the post at the link above.

The numbers used in the product titles gives us a clue regarding the diameter of the rotary blade fitted. The larger this number is, the wider the cut each mower will provide.

Now let’s take a closer look at my 3 chosen models in a little more detail.

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary LawnmowerThe Bosch Rotak 32R electric rotary lawnmower is the smallest in this selection. This mower would suit those with a smaller lawn area to maintain.

The 1200 Watt motor will cut grass that is quite long which comes in handy if say you have been on holiday and arrive home to a neglected lawn. Choose your cutting height which can be anything from 20mm up to 60mm. If the grass was very long the mower could be set to 60mm for the first cut. A second cut could follow with the blade lowered.

As mentioned above, the model number 32 tells us that this mower gives a 32cm diameter cut (12.5 inches). This is fine for a push lawnmower used in a smaller garden.

Weighing only 6.8 kg makes it easy to carry especially with the built in handle designed for the purpose. A decent length of electric cable measuring 10 meters comes supplied with the Bosch 32R plus a 31 litre grass box.

Rotak 34R Bosch Rotary Mower

Rotak 34R Bosch Rotary Lawn MowerHas the same features as the Bosch 32R above but with larger specifications which are:

Moving up the scale of lawn size and find that the Rotak 34R is for those with a medium lawn size.

The cut diameter achieved by this model is 34cm (13.5 inches) and powered by a 1300 W Bosch motor, a full 100 watts more than the previous model.

There are 5 selections of height adjustments available on the 34R Bosch rotary mower which range from 20mm to 70mm. Easily selected using the height adjustment handle located at the front of the mower.

Weighs in at only 11 kg 11 kg, and includes carrying handle, the Rotak 34 R is easy to carry and store. It comes complete with a 10 metre of cable and a larger grass box which holds 40 litres of clippings.

Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Rotary Lawn MowerThe Bosch Rotak 40 is the big daddy in this trio of Bosch electric lawn mowers. It will be best suited for those needing the extra power for a larger lawn area. See it here.

We are speaking here about a 1700 watt Hi-torque motor to cut 40 cm (almost 16 inches) of grass in each pass.

Choose from 10 height variations for each grass condition ranging from 20mm going up to 70mm. The weight of the Bosch 40 does increase a bit as you might expect compared to the 2 previous models being larger and more powerful.

The electric power cable is 15 metres in length and grass box holds 50 Litres of clippings.

Rotary Mower with Roller Comparison Table

In this table you will be able to compare each of the 3 Bosch rotary mowers featured in this review side by side. This allows for an easy and quick comparison which will make your choices easier.

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Summing Up

Don’t be tempted to purchase the cheaper model if you need to cut a lot of grass. Especially if the grass will be allowed to grow quite tall. Probably more burned out motors will have resulted by this very problem than any other cause of motor failure.

Remember the manufacturer will have scaled each of these Bosch electric lawn mowers up in power sizes to handle each scenario. So heed their advice and choose the model that suits your area of lawn needing maintained.

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