choosing the best grass strimmers

Choosing the Best Grass Strimmers

The choice of grass strimmers available to us today is huge and while this is great in providing us with more choices, it can also cause confusion to many who are looking for the best gras strimmer to suit their particular needs.

In most cases the type and size of garden you have will be a big factor in making your decision. Personal choice will also come into play, whether that is through experience, environmental issues or any other factor.

The experience factor could either be through using other grass strimmers in the past. Or learning through conversations with friends and family and hearing of their experience with the various strimmer types.

Today environmental factors might come into play for many people when making purchases. The fact that electric versions are certainly quieter and less polluting might help to determin their choice.

Electric or Petrol Grass Strimmers

Often the first stage is in choosing the power type and whether to go for a petrol strimmer or an electric strimmer. If the decision is to go for the electric version then there are further options to consider. Would a cordless strimmer suit you best or would one of the many mains powered electric strimmers be your best choice?

Here as the Strimmer Shed site grows you will find reviews about the various garden strimmers available with the purpose of making your choice that bit easier. I will be adding both petrol strimmer reviews and electric strimmer reviews to cover all options.

Already available is my review of the  5 best cheap electric strimmers available at this link. Cheap electric strimmers will have there uses in the right situations. But if you have really tough weeds to cut back then something a bit more powerful will be required.

Certainly worth considering when more power is needed are the petrol strimmers reviewed here. While we are on the subject of inexpensive strimmers the Trueshopping brush cutter is one in the petrol powered variety.

Obviously the same applies if you need the best electric strimmer to do rough and heavy cutting. The motor of a cheap strimmer might well burn out if the construction and parts that make up the motor are inferior and may not have been meant to perform these heavy duty tasks in the first place.

Selecting the right Cordless Strimmer

Cordless strimmers are another example of this. If your garden has lots of lawn edging and heavy weeded areas that need maintained then the 36 volt Lithium Ion models would be the best cordless strimmer in these situations.

The extra power might well allow you to complete all the tasks in the same day while the weather is dry.  Or if you have time restraints and are busy with other commitments.

For smaller areas the less powerful battery models such as the 18 volt grass strimmers would probably suit you fine. OK, the charge won’t last as long but if time is not a big factor to you, recharging and continuing on another day could be an option.

Consider all Strimming Eventualities

Bearing in mind what type of work your strimmer will have to tackle in a season, will help to guide you with the model best suited to you. That being said, if you happen to skip the lawn maintenance for a while, the chore will be more difficult. This could be due to holidays, or as can often happen here in the UK, experiencing long wet spells.

When trimming the more heavy grass you’ll find that the battery will become discharged much more quickly meaning more time lost due to re-charging. This might be the last thing you need especially if you have a dry spell and want to get things done.

Situations like that do crop up and when choosing your garden strimmer all eventualities need to be covered. Perhaps the 36 volt battery might have been the better choice as in the situations above. At any rate, it does point out the problems with unforeseen situations. Having that little bit of extra power in reserve can never go wrong and grass stimmers are no exception.

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