petrol brush cutter

Petrol Brush Cutter

Whenever a task crops up that requires something a bit more robust than just the normal grass trimming machine, a heavy duty strimmer such as the New Trueshopping petrol brush cutter might prove to be more suitable.

Many weekend gardeners have often burned out perfectly good grass strimmers trying to cut back growth that it simply was not designed for.

Carrying out the normal regular tasks that the strimmer was originally designed for will mean that it will last for many seasons to come. Attempting to trim back heavy weeded growth that could include nettles, dock weeds, brambles and overgrown grassed areas will quickly destroy these lesser machines. Never mind the headache gained through having to continually re-new  worn out strimmer line.

The heavy duty strimmer  was designed with all these tasks in mind just as the design allows them to be used in many situations miles from any power supply. The Trueshopping strimmer review is just one of these  petrol versions that I will cover on the site over time.

Features of the New Trueshopping 2 Stroke Petrol Strimmer

Powered by a 2 Stroke 43CC petrol motor the heavy duty stimmer will work away for hours on end without any deterioration of power. Just keeping these machines topped up with the correct fuel mixture are all that they require (Fuel Mixture should be 1:25).

The bike-handle type, or as often referred to as cow-horn handles are used on this trimmer and the drive shaft is the straight through type. This handle version is well suited to machines that are a bit heavier such as petrol grass strimmers.

The weight of these petrol trimmers can be a bit off putting to some users and that’s justifiable. I don’t think many of us could watch our Gran wielding one of these powerful and heavier grass trimmers. Although with the use of a harness which is normally used with them, this can take much of the load.

heavy duty strimmer

Heavy Duty Strimmer

In fact the strimmer is simply balanced rather than be carried. This model does come complete with a harness which the wearer can place over the head or a shoulder. I personally have a vest type that I use which buckles at the front and is great for distributing the weight a lot better.

The fact that this unit comes complete with any harness of any sort is a bonus and if the user were not satisfied with it then a harness upgrade could easily fix this.

That being said the weight of this heavy duty strimmer is only 7.5 kilos which isn’t all that heavy if it were to be used in a domestic situation. There won’t be too many situations where it will be used for more than a couple of hours in any one day I would imagine.

Two Heads are Better Than One for a Heavy Duty Strimmer

Well as they say, two heads are better than one and that’s what you get with this heavy duty strimmer. Firstly there is the traditional nylon cutting head with the bump feed and the 10 inch brush blade which is a three pronged metal blade.

trueshopping 2 stimmer heads

Trueshopping 2 Stimmer Heads

For domestic use the traditional nylon cutting head will more than likely be sufficient to look after your gardening needs.

The brush cutter blade would be useful when really coarse woodier type of growth needs to be tackled.

What’s Included in the Package

On receipt of the Trueshopping petrol brush cutter, you can expect to find a few tools that are required to assemble the strimmer. Not much required to do this and it consists of only a couple of Allen keys, a spanner, a spark plug key, a few cable ties along with the assembly instructions.

Components consist of:  2 Stroke 43CC petrol strimmer motor base unit, the shaft and guard.

petrol strimmer components

Components of the New Trueshopping Petrol Strimmer

2 types of cutter heads, nylon and metal

5 Piece tool kit


Fuel mixing bottle

Assembly instructions



Trueshopping Petrol Brush Cutter Review Ratings

There have been 146 users of the Trueshopping heavy duty strimmer who have left their review for the product on the Amazon UK shopping site. This is useful information for those on the market for a garden strimmer and especially so for those requiring a petrol model.

Their ratings work out at an average of 3.4 from the star rating system maximum of 5 and they have had mixed experiences with using this grass strimmer.

Plus Points For This Petrol Strimmer

  • Easily cut through long grass and shrubbery.
  • Harness makes it easy to hold and use
  • Quick at getting the job done
  • Good cheap petrol strimmer

Negative Points

  • Never realised that it had to be assembled
  • Poor instructions
  • Found it heavy to use
  • Noisy in use
  • No Warranty

My Overall Review

There are a couple of points that I would like to point out regarding choosing the Trueshopping petrol brush cutter. I would recommend it only if your needs are for something other than general gardening work.

The negative reviews mainly consist of people who have not realised that the strimmer required to be assembled by them. Where this point wouldn’t be a problem for me or many more of you, I can still see their point. It’s not everyone who wants to, or indeed feels comfortable when it comes to assembling items.

That coupled with the problems found when trying to read the assembly instructions which is written in poor English.

Another point you may want to take into consideration is that there is no warranty with this machine. Unlike the Timberpro 52cc which has a 2 year warranty and priced much the same. See my review here.

Ask Yourself What, Where and When Will You Use It

These heavy duty strimmers are meant for something more special such as tackling work that your ordinary strimmer couldn’t cope with, or to put it more bluntly shouldn’t be asked to cope with. If you need to work in areas that are a good distance from a power point and have a lot of work to do, they are indeed an essential.

If these points are relevant to your needs and you’re on the market for a cheap petrol strimmer, then this unit is well worth consideration. Providing you have taken everything into account about the weight etc and are aware of the requirements of petrol engines that is. More information is found here  about choosing a grass strimmer will help in making a choice.

The manufacturers refer to this strimmer as a professional model and I think we could possibly take that with a pinch of salt. Not saying that it wouldn’t be any use in a professional situation, what I am saying is that there is commercial work that could still be quite light and there is commercial work that will require a strimmer to be heavily used day after day.

Time will tell, but it would surprise me if these strimmers were built with these conditions in mind.

The price is certainly competitive for the heavy duty strimmer and I wouldn’t expect the same quality as I would from, let’s say my Kawasaki which costs a whole lot more and then some.  But at this price!!!


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